reasons to study in uk

By 26/04/2019 Jerman

UK is a center of history, art, culture.
A multicultural British society.
The internationally recognized quality of education at each level.
Study period is shorter in comparison with other countries due to a more intensive program so it is more efficient in terms of time and money.
The learning environment is energetic, creative, and fun.
Variety of teaching methods and training that include not only the mastery of the material, but also to encourage the learners to be independent thinker.
Free health insurance for international students.
Competitive tuition fees.
A country that is classic and has many interesting and beautiful sights.
Various entertainment to suit students’ interests, such as theater, concerts, art galleries, major sporting events, pubs, restaurants and others.
The opportunity to walk around the rest of Europe, with transportation and accommodation costs that are specific to students.


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