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Cost Of Living


Their recommendation is that you need NOK 9 300 a month to cover your expenses as a student in Norway. Approximately one third of this budget will cover your housing expenses, another third will be needed for food, and the rest will cover books and other expenses.


Cheap student accommodation

The cost of housing eats into a student budget, but don’t worry: As an international student you have the right to accommodation through Sammen Student Housing. Sammen’s housing costs tend to be lower than average housing costs in Norway

Sammen Housing offers various types of accommodation on several locations in Bergen. The average price per month is NOK 4000. Rent also includes free Internet access. The biggest student residence is Fantoft Student Accommodation, with 1300 units.

There is free health care in Norway.

Paying Your Rent and Buying Property

When it comes to rent and property prices, expenses vary depending on location, condition, size, utilities included, and so on. In 2016, rents in the capital Oslo and its suburban municipality Bærum were the most expensive in the country with mean monthly rental expenses of around 7,740 NOK for a one-bedroom apartment.
  • Coffee in a cafe NOK 35
  • Sandwich in a bakery NOK 60Chicken (1 kg) NOK 122
  • Eggs (12 pack) NOK 35
  • Domestic Beer (0,5 l) in a grocery store NOK 30
  • Toothpaste NOK 30
    Shampoo NOK 40
    Orange juice (1l) NOK 30
    Milk (1l) NOK 17
    Loaf of bread NOK 25
    Hot meal in BI Food Court NOK 50
    Single ticket for public transport (Oslo) NOK 33
    Student ticket (30 days) for public transport NOK 425Single room (student housing): from NOK 3000
    Public transportation card for students (one month): NOK 485
    Textbooks (one semester): NOK 1600-3500
    Dinner (student cafeteria): NOK 55-100
    Dinner (inexpensive restaurant): approx. NOK 120-160
    Cinema ticket: approx. NOK 120
    Semester fee: NOK 590
    Student membership for Sammen training (one semester): NOK 1100Housing: NOK 17 500
    Food: NOK 15 000
    Books & Supplies: NOK 5000
    Transportation: NOK 3000
    Other expenses: NOK 12 000
    Total for 5 months: NOK 52 500